Free will is an illusion

Humans are not individuals, but rather di-viduals. Our choices are largely outcomes of biochemical processes. However, the nature of those biochemical process is defined by unique genes and environmental factors. So while you don’t have free will, your actions are still unique and novel. This means that your choices are still novel.

Disarm with dispassion

Sometimes you’ll need to deal with people that attempt to rattle you and place you on tilt. Turn this tactic against them by acting without emotional reactions. Once you break tranquility you’ve shown they won.

Pain is a growth hack

Hard things, once encountered, allow you to handle harder things. This is true of both work and relationships. Ask the questions you don’t want to. Do what you are afraid of. Choose the hard path. The way to make a hard path an easy path is to consider it in the rearview.

Emergent Self-Interest

In a functional society the pursuit of self interest generally benefits all. In the long run tricksters are exposed and their short term gains are redistributed. Those that channel the human drive to survive to create global usefulness tend to earn the most reward as a byproduct of these efforts.

Oxygen Mask Rule

You cannot help others if you are living unsustainably. Always place your oxygen mask on your head before you help the person next to you. Otherwise in the long run you won’t be able to use useful to many people at all.

Embody evolution

The inner drive to improve and adapt is the superpower of the human organism. Find environments, people, and work where you feel naturally in line with this fundamental law. Flow with the inner natural inclination of improvement.